About us

Our Story

We focus on creating added value for clients so security becomes a business driver.

While working for multiple clients, I noticed that security was seen as a cost and a supporting function. At Spectre Advisory we want to work with you to create a tangible added value for security leading to security becoming a business asset allowing the company to grow. It makes no sense in just implementing security for the sake of security.

I started Spectre Advisory out of my conviction that with adequate measures companies are able to transform their security initiatives in an added business value while still protecting what is needed. We want to be able to assist in the change from security being a blocking factor to a process where decisions are made based on risk evaluation.




No nonsense

Nick Van den Bergh,

Our Approach

“Security is impossible to enforce but needs to be included in the hearts and minds of the company.”

Nick Van den Bergh

We don’t see our clients as customers but more as partners. We team up to build up and maintain a working relationship where open and no-nonsense communication is key.

The basis for our work will always be the business values and value streams of our clients. As we try to create an added value through information – or cybersecurity we focus on the way the companies work.

Our Team

Although our current team is constantly evolving, it is impossible to have all the knowledge inhouse. Where needed to provide specific security services, we team up with trusted industry experts to be able to deliver an holistic approach.

Nick Van den Bergh

Founder & Managing director

Olivier Loosvelt

Information Security Manager